In olVIDAdos we set out, since its constitution in 2011, to contribute to the extent of our possibilities to alleviate the situation of disadvantaged families who lack the resources to buy food and essential products.

Every month we distribute around 40 tons of food, most of it from the Madrid Food Bank. We distribute food through three delivery centers located in Pozo del Tío Raimundo, Orcasitas and Villaverde Alto. In total we serve almost 2,000 people. In charge of each of these centers are people who know the families and their needs, guaranteeing an equitable distribution. Some foods, such as proteins, which children and young people need so much, do not arrive in sufficient quantity, for this reason olVIDAdos eeds to obtain these foods through KILO operations carried out periodically in supermarkets, schools, companies, gyms, etc.

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