s a socio-educational project started in July 2017 aimed at 36 children and adolescents at risk of exclusion. He makes use of art as a tool for social and personal transformation, which helps his integration.

Its main objective is to promote the development and capacities of each child through the artistic experience, focusing mainly on working with music, movement and theater from the perspective of psychosocial intervention.

We know that artistic work contributes to creating community and improving social cohesion, as well as being a catalyst and developer of creativity. It is an exceptional way for children who face a situation of vulnerability and exclusion to overcome the barriers and difficulties they face, also enabling them to continue their development, transform their situation and influence their environment and society.

All students attend 3-hour sessions two days a week that include school support time (homework and study), in addition to artistic and psychosocial activities. All these activities are distributed by age ranges to better adapt to their periods of development. Close contact is maintained with the families and the teaching staff of the centers where the children are enrolled.

The project is carried out by professionals in music, theater and teaching.

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