Based on the close contact that olVIDAdos egularly maintained with the directors of public schools through the Dining Room Scholarship Program, the need to also provide psychological assistance to children between the ages of 6 and 12 who presented behaviors or characteristics that needed to be addressed was detected. from the help of professional psychologists due to their high risk of social exclusion.

In September 2016, olVIDAdos organized and launched, in collaboration with the Meridional Foundation, this psychological assistance project. By school courses, the beneficiaries are between 20 and 23 minors. They have a weekly hour of individual therapy. Through games, stories and drawings, a favorable environment is generated so that they can become aware of their emotions and can release and express them to learn to resolve conflicts in a safe environment. Listening and accompaniment are also provided to their parents to restore parental functions. In order to generate a unit of action in support of these minors, permanent contact is maintained with the teachers of the schools. The results are being very positive, and this is how families and teachers have valued it.

Psychosocial intervention with children and their families constitutes a fundamental pillar to act in the prevention of future pathologies that can not only hinder their personal evolution, but can also have a serious impact on their family and social environment.

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